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So, to the novice commercial author, the world of book reviews is a whole special place – comparable to North of the Wall in its difference to our usual reality. I used to think that book reviews were a way for boffin enthusiasts to have a voice about literature, and to exercise their grey cells in a generally positive way.

There has always been a bit of confusion about whether the review was for the reviewer, the writer, or the next reader…which explains the occasional review that seems either over the top, biased, ‘tough’, picky or straight-out mean. 

Most reviews fortunately try to be objective and the best ones (I think) provide an insight into a reader’s personal reaction to a book, and provide enough analysis and critique to inform someone who may be considering reading the book.

  • How did you feel about the book? 
  • Did it cause a reaction in you?
  • Did it leave you feeling uplifted or disappointed? 
  • Was it a page turner or a plodder – did it have drive?
  • Did the book leave you thinking? Would you ever go back and look at it again?

The thing that is unavoidable about reviews in contemporary book marketing is their power. I suspect a good book will always speak for itself, but there is no doubt that professional and commercial reviewers make a difference. The volume of reviews a book receives will in itself make a difference to sales algorithms. Star ratings can rocket or sink a book. Fortunately, there is some balance out there and many blog sites, review websites and groups are very objective. Book clubs still exist and provide a way for books to be reviewed through conversation and discussion, sharing different perspectives and reactions – a much richer experience than the ‘e-version’.

The Cut has had some early reviews which I have shared below, along with some links to review pages. I am not particularly happy or disappointed by the reviews – though I am thankful for them. I see the review as something that is mainly for the next reader –more than it is for me as an author. I’ve done my bit! Which doesn’t mean I don’t intend to learn more about writing before the next book. The main things that reach me when I read the reviews (which some say that authors should not do) is whether I get a feel for having entertained the reader and whether there has been an emotional reaction from the reader. Positive, negative, inspired, deflated, it doesn’t matter so much which it is – it’s about scoring the connection!

“Kennedy magically weaves these pearls of wisdom for any aspiring or seasoned health care professional into this plot of subversion, so the reader emerges with a mixture of medical thriller and insightful wisdom to boot!  This compelling inaugural novel sits proudly somewhere between The House of God and John Grisham. Pick it up and feel the fireworks.” (CH).

This book will appeal to those who have tried to enact change, who have challenged the status quo and who have glimpsed the vast web that seeks to keep things just as they are. (AC)

The author cleverly separates out his “world-view” from the primary narrative, and medical jargon is either simplified or explained for readers with no medical background which helps to make this a real “page-turner”. A must read. (GS)

I wrote for the Probus Club of Melbourne Newsletter in July… I enjoyed the book but found it very confronting if it really depicts real life situations…(JH)

Sites to review The Cut:

And for some E-Book news…

The E-Book was launched after the paperback, and as you will know if you follow my website, all proceeds from The Cut e-book sales world-wide are donated to fund Health Promotion strategies for Emergency Department Staff. Hopefully this will support the wellness of all Emergency Department Staff, who deserve long term support to promote wellbeing, resilience, satisfaction and longevity in their front-line careers.

So, to help in promotion of the kindle version, Amazon are offering free download of the book for 5 days in August.

“The Cut”  E-Book will be available on a FREE AMAZON DOWNLOAD promotion from 5pm Thursday August 6th to 5pm Tuesday August 11th. 

If you would like a free kindle download (readable on any platform) or wish to tell others about this offer you are welcome!

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