Nowhere to hide

Press Release: Mental health system failures now leave ministers and public servants directly accountable. Reports from ABC 2.1 in depth reporting regular “No Corners” in the southern Pacifistralian State of Mytopia last week have outlined major changes to mental wellness systems.

  • In a first, the state has abolished the concept of mental illness, replacing it with a universal scale of mental wellness.
  • Access to mental wellness strategies, carers and support is now subject to uncapped funding.
  • All mental wellness services will provide 24 hour accessible service, recognising that citizen’s mental wellness is always with them and always deserving of immediate attention. This will provide ‘always on’ and ‘always safe’ environments for those needing mental wellness support
  • Research commitment has been guaranteed to ensure the very best efforts to untangle the cause of impaired mental wellness and to develop new, more effective, and less debilitating treatments.
  • In the most significant changes, federal protections have been removed through legislative reform. Governments and senior public servants can no longer seek protection from statute and will be sued for damages by victims of system failures. Retrospective class actions have been commenced by Sloter and Bleackburn solicitors and are rumoured to involve thousands of clients, families and carers suing for negligent suffering, loss, injury, death and unnecessary misery – totalling billions of dollars.

Health Minister Gulliver McGrumpy stated: this is the culmination of a lifetime’s work and is an outcome deserved by our population. Finally our systems of care have recognised the needs of some of our most vulnerable, and its officers and architects can be held accountable. Those who fail to ensure the care of others will have nowhere to hide.

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