PHARM podcast – Minh & Marcus

The Cut is reviewed and Marcus is interviewed by medical podcast and twitter raconteur, Minh Le Cong on the Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine Podcast. Writing in the space between fact and fiction Politics and philosophy weaved into drama and thrills The development and future of retrieval medicine

Simply Survive

COVID 19 – Too many complicated messages and strategies out there. Stop the talk, waffle, debate. Cut the Crap. If you want to be alive in a year, and still have some ‘older’ relatives or friends, SIMPLICITY is the answer: Social distancing Isolate if you are sick Masks Gloves & Hand hygiene

The Cut – look inside

Chapter 1 Saturday March 16, 2019 There’s something special about that smell – the Saturday night in the Emergency Department special blend. Stale alcohol and blood, rough-living bodies last washed at best a week ago, vodka and vomit thanks to an experimenting teenager. Faeces and urine leaked with unbearable embarrassment from someone who deserves privacy … Continue reading The Cut – look inside

If everything were normal…

If everything were normal. Happiness, holidays and health.We would have been sitting right this second on an Emirates jet starting our descent into Paris. We would have been looking forward to stretching our legs and would already be wondering if our rendezvous with our luggage at CDG airport would happen…or not. It’s just one of … Continue reading If everything were normal…


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