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Nowhere to hide

Press Release: Mental health system failures now leave ministers and public servants directly accountable. Reports from ABC 2.1 in depth reporting regular “No Corners” in the southern Pacifistralian State of Mytopia last week have outlined major changes to mental wellness systems.

Planning for the best

Imperfection is normal and system failures are predictable. In recent days and weeks there has been huge commentary on the Covid-19 pandemic second wave in Victoria – the quarantine failure. To be clear, a quarantine failure does not need to take the form of a glaring deficit in safety – when talking about a very … Continue reading Planning for the best

A Fundamental Opportunity

There is a basic opportunity for improvement (AKA weakness) in most Health Systems. In the common model of decentralised health systems there is usually an embedded health department and government culture of “devolved governance”. Whilst this can be espoused as empowerment of the system-players to be responsible, it also inevitably absolves the department of direct … Continue reading A Fundamental Opportunity

Reviews and E-News

Book Reviews: So, to the novice commercial author, the world of book reviews is a whole special place – comparable to North of the Wall in its difference to our usual reality. I used to think that book reviews were a way for boffin enthusiasts to have a voice about literature, and to exercise their … Continue reading Reviews and E-News


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