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Cover Letter and CV

A good cover letter is likely to get even an average candidate an interview. A substandard cover letter can torpedo your application. By getting to interview, you get the chance to sell yourself to a new prospective employer in the most effective way.
We will review your Position Description, other information and your CV, and then phone you to discuss the application.
We then edit and markup your application cover letter and suggest any CV changes we think will improve your document.
Fee: $100-125/hr

Copy Edit

Document polishing! You have a great document almost finalised but want that sparkle of professionalism or persuasion added.
Grammar, punctuation, layout and use of the best language can make your document stand out from others or be as effective as it deserves to be.
We review your document, suggest and track changes and add comments and return the document to you for your final acceptance. If after assessment, we believe your document needs structural editing i.e. “a bit more work first…”, we’ll give you that advice nicely and send it back to you…
Fee: $125 per thousand words

Structural Edit

You have an important pitch to make, a business case to prepare, a proposal to get over the line.
The structure of a document like this is crucial. Being clear about your goal, succinct about your arguments, persuasive but professional in your conclusions can make or break a document.
We provide a professional review of the brief and your draft document after phone discussion of the goals with you. You receive a marked up, track-changes document to finalise.
Fee: Quote provided after assessment.

General document or paper review

For any other types of documents and copy, for example: papers, pamphlets, web page content, educational material, manuals, we provide a document assessment and review service.
Often having an objective external professional review of your document allows a fresh set of eyes to see the opportunities that remain and to make it the best it can be.
We review your request, then follow up with a phone call and quote.
Fee: $125/hr

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