The Cut

The idea

“The Cut”, is the story of a middle-aged emergency physician in a galaxy far far away, who is also a newly-discovered and successful podcaster. Harvey has spent a career caring for the sickest patients and developing a commitment to improving emergency care in his health system. 

The story

When he uncovers systematic and politically orchestrated activity that hides deficiencies, hinders correction, and harms patients and staff, he is exasperated and inspired to find a solution. His work as a podcaster fuels his personal aspirations and self-expectation as he struggles to put things right.  Harvey’s health system fails to respond and as a result of more sinister political and criminal interference, continues to tolerate its failures and catastrophes.

The plan

Harvey’s podcasts provide a distilled and accessible approach to many of life’s challenges. The messages in ‘The Cut’ are embedded in both the narrative and the podcast scripts. The story barrels along, providing a healthy dose of entertainment, excitement, drama, education and maybe a bit of philosophy.

All that’s needed now is a publisher, a book deal and an appreciative audience of millions… See inside.

A work in progress…

This button is intended for literary agents and publishers. Please press.

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