The Cut

The idea

Saving lives is meant to be above politics. That’s what Harvey believes. But in a healthcare system where patient outcomes and personal gain are intertwined, this doctor is about to discover the truth… 
‘The Cut’ is an insider’s take on what goes on (and wrong) in health systems. Readers will be drawn in by the exposure of internal politicking that comprises a healthcare system intended for their benefit. 

The story

In “The Cut,” Harvey Pearce is an emergency physician who has spent a career caring for the sickest patients and improving emergency care. When he uncovers politically orchestrated activities that hide deficiencies within the system, hinder progress, and harm patients and staff, he becomes determined to find a solution. 
Harvey focuses his efforts through podcasts, which fuel his aspirations as he struggles to put things right. But Harvey is quickly confronted with desperate and ruthless players who turn his efforts at reform into a risky game with high and painful stakes.

The plan

Harvey’s podcasts provide a distilled and accessible approach to many of life’s challenges. The messages in ‘The Cut’ are embedded in both the narrative and the podcast scripts. The story barrels along, providing a healthy dose of entertainment, excitement, drama, and maybe a bit of philosophy.

All that’s needed now is a publisher, a book deal and an appreciative audience of millions… See inside.

A work in progress…

This button is intended for literary agents and publishers. Please press.

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