The Cut, Novel, Marcus Kennedy
ISBN 978-1-922337-73-3

At a time when world health systems are stressed beyond belief – some insights & solutions.
Disturbingly accurate and carefully nuanced, this insider’s novel of what goes on (and wrong) in health systems is compelling reading.
In ‘The Cut,’ Dr Harvey Pearce is an emergency specialist who has spent a career looking after the sickest patients and improving emergency care. When he uncovers politically orchestrated activities that kill patients, harm staff, hide deficiencies and hinder progress, he becomes determined to find a solution.
Across the city, episodes of patient injury and preventable deaths continue despite Harvey’s struggles with bureaucracy. He drives to investigate these events, and their sinister connections, whilst the establishment resists his efforts and its leaders continue to tolerate catastrophes.
Harvey finds a grounding for his efforts through podcasts, which fuel his aspirations as he struggles to put things right.
The podcasts propose a pragmatic approach, offering a view that his world could be better navigated with a closer focus on what really matters.
But Harvey is quickly confronted with desperate and ruthless players who turn his efforts at reform into a perilous game with critical stakes.

Marcus Kennedy is a retired emergency physician & manager, who now spends his time as a writer, reader, and some-time consultant and advisor. He enjoys travel and spends a good part of every year in Paris. He has released this novel The Cut – a fictional work of medico-political style which wanders into the thriller/crime space … in a philosophical way.

“Kennedy magically weaves pearls of wisdom for any aspiring or seasoned health care professional into this plot of subversion, so the reader emerges with a mixture of medical thriller and insightful wisdom to boot!  This compelling inaugural novel sits proudly somewhere between The House of God and John Grisham. Pick it up and feel the fireworks.” (CH).

This book will appeal to those who have tried to enact change, who have challenged the status quo and who have glimpsed the vast web that seeks to keep things just as they are.” (AC)

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